2017 Local Consumer Review Survey Findings

Collecting reviews is no longer enough.
You have to respond too!

How many times have you used the internet to find a local business?

How many times have you used the internet to find a local business?

97% of consumers read online ratings and reviews before buying a product or service, and 40% of them form an opinion of your business before even contacting you. 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

When judging a business on reviews, what do you consider?

54% of consumers consider the 'Average star rating' to be the most important factor. ‘Quantity of reviews’ is now the second biggest factor: quantity of reviews adds credence to star ratings, with consumers more likely to trust a business.

Responding to online reviews is more important than ever

More consumers are placing importance on businesses responding to reviews, with 30% naming this as key – compared to just 20% last year. This leap shows the growing importance of responding to reviews quickly and professionally.

Why should you respond to

Customer Reviews?

Interacting with reviews via owner response fields is a core component of reputation management. Review responses represent one of the greatest assets your local business has for becoming an active contributor to your online reputation, rather than a powerless bystander.

Free Advertising

Review responses are free advertising. Unlike pay-per-click campaigns, or even website hosting, for which you have to pay, review responses are free screen real estate on some of the most influential, visible platforms on the Internet. While review responses should never feature sales pitches, wise owners make every word of this free space count in order to create the maximum favorable impression of the business' quality, professionalism, accountability and exceptional customer service.

Improved Acquisitions

Review responses can save your bacon. It's been estimated that it can cost up to 25x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Because of this, reviews which contain legitimate complaints represent a lifeline being thrown to the business to fix a problem and “save” an existing customer. A deft, problem-solving review response can win back a disgruntled consumer, directly protecting customer acquisition spend.

Customer Service

Review responses are customer service. Customers who voluntarily write good press about your business want to be thanked. Customers who voluntarily write bad press about your business often want to be heard. Just as you wouldn't authorize sales staff to ignore the thanks or complaints of consumers face-to-face, your local business shouldn't dismiss written sentiment by withholding replies. To neglect reviews and review responses is to give up control of an important piece of the customer service picture.

Social Proof

Review responses are social media. While review platforms aren't all quite as real-time in nature as major social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, the speed of your response times still matters. Reviews and review responses form a social interaction, and each local business must regularly monitor their most important review platforms in order to be effectively responsive.

PR Media

Review responses are public relations media. The responses you write to happy or unhappy reviewers aren't just for a single customer to read - they're for all future potential customers to read. What you say to one customer signals to all others how they can expect to be treated by your business.
Source: Moz.com

Review Response

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Review Response helps your business shine online by responding, on your behalf, to customer feedback on any review site. We monitor your online presence & whenever a new review gets posted, we write a tailored response to your customer. That's it! Our services are simple, but powerful & effective.
1. Review Monitoring
We monitor all of your business review pages on all the websites that matter.
2. Review Alerts
When new reviews are found online, we let you know about it.
3. Review Response
We manage your responses on an ongoing basis. We write the response & post it.
4. Response Alert
When a new response gets posted, we let you know about it.


Global, Special and Different!

Global Program
We monitor 650 review sites in 69 countries & respond on all the review sites that matter.
Ongoing Responses
We manage your reviews globally on a monthly retainer basis.
No Burden on You
We designed our work processes to be put as little time burden on you as possible.
Affordable Prices
Review Response brings world-class Reputation Management to your business at affordable prices.
Free Evaluation
We're happy to evaluate your situation at no charge and get back to you with a quote.
Additional Services
We can also help acquire more positive reviews, but that's a different story! Please ask.


Successful business owners know the importance of building and maintaining good relationships, whether it is with partners, employees, other businesses, vendors, consumers, or the community at large. A business must carefully balance the benefits of these interpersonal relationships. At Javaroma, we use Review Response services and are very satisfied with the ongoing results.
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Created in 2006, Review Response serves businesses and professionals all over the world, in North & Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa & Asia.

The team at Review Response is dedicated to your success and has extensive experience in improving businesses reputation in all industries. With over 1,000 active businesses using our services, partnering with Review Response is key!


Review Response helps your business shine online by responding on your behalf to customer feedbacks on any review site.

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